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Drinks Packages


We know that a lot of our clients want to buy their friends and family a drink as they all celebrate the special occasion together. Some people will offer welcome drinks, some will provide table wine, some will pop a few corks to toast and some will do all three.


We would like to assist you in making this cost effective and hassle free.


By purchasing a drinks package through us there is no need to worry about who will pour and serve the drinks? Where will we get the glasses from? Who is going to organise it so the right drinks appear at the right time? Who will chill the drinks?

We will take care of all of this this so you can just concentrate on enjoying the day.


We have listed below a range of drinks for welcoming your guests, wine for the table and something to toast with. You can mix these up any way you like so you get the right package for you. Next to each drink is a price per guest so you can easily work out the total cost of your bespoke package. There is an example at the bottom of the page.


Glass hire


If you would like to hire the glasses from us, all glasses are hired out at 25p per glass (flutes, wine, pint or half pint glasses available)


Welcome Drinks - Cost per guest

Prosecco £2.00

Champagne £3.50

Pimms - including fruit, ice and lemonade £2.50

Mojito £4.00

Bottled Beer £2.50

Orange Juice or equivalent £1.50


Table Wine - (All drinks in this section based on half a bottle per guest)

Mid-range (Santa Lucia, J.P Chenet or equivalent) £3.25

Exclusive range (Oyster Bay, Wolf Blass or equivalent) £4.50

Alcohol free wine £2.00

Still Water £1.00

Sparkling Water £1.00


Toast Drinks

Prosecco £2.00

Champagne £3.50

Orange juice or equivalent £1.50





















This is based on a wedding with 100 guests attending. 80 are drinking alcohol and 20 are not.


Welcome Drinks - 80 x Pimms @ £2.50 per guest = £200

20 x Orange Juice @ £1.50 per guest = £30

Glass hire 100 x glasses @ £0.25 per glass = £25


Table Wine - 80 people drinking mid-range wine @ £3.25 per guest = £260

20 people drinking alcohol free wine @ £2.00 per guest = £40

Glass hire 100 glasses @ £0.25 per glass = £25


Toast Drinks - 80 x Prosecco @ £2.00 per guest = £160

20 x Orange juice @ £1.50 per guest = £30

Glass hire 100 x glasses @ £0.25 per glass = £25


Total = £795


table wine wine bottles champagne waiter

Unlimited tea & Coffee  Available - £35

Unlimited tea & Coffee  Available - £35